So it's almost spring break, and I can't be more excited. I get a BREAK! But I gotta get through this exam Monday then I can finally relax. Then it's time with my babe, a party with the girls, and finally a chance to PAINT again.

After dealing with a nightmare with another artist and getting in an ugly argument with my partner, it's made me seriously reevaluate my people skills. I don't want to be an artist that people don't want to deal with because I see, from a customer standpoint, how terrible it looks and I'm trying to make sure that I treat people with dignity, respect, and LOVE in everything that I do. 

It's simple to say "treat others as you would like to be treated" when things are going good. But when your feet are over the fire, do you still have that same mindset? I had to pray during both discrepancies for calmness and peace. It really does work. 
So I found a new model today for the nudes. She was innocent, sweet, great body, the works. AAAND she wore black heels and matching undies! Perfect. She was awesome and the sketch turned out fabulous. Here is a rough pic (it's 5am, the lighting sucks)
Just tilt your screen. As I began to paint her... I got HIGHLY upset. The paper started to pill and get grainy and, as Daniel described it, looked "freckly". 
The problem was that I decided to buy a new brand of watercolor paper. I bought Strathmore 140lb cold press paper before, which I ADORED. But this time I bought Canson's 140lb cold press watercolor paper because
-it was 30 sheets for $20, while the Strathmore is $15 for 12 sheets
-I got over double what I got before
-times are HARD
The Strathmore is SO much thicker and heavier, although they are supposed to be the same weight and type. Well then, it shouldn't have gotten all bootleg when I attempted to paint on it. It's like it got pilled and frayed when I put water on the paper, even though it's WATERCOLOR PAPER.

Point is, go quality over quantity. If you have to splurge on the better quality, DO IT. Or else you'll be like me, re-drawing a perfect sketch at 4am that was ruined by paper of suckish quality.
First post of my first blog!!! So excited, and even more excited to share my journey with you guys. I can't wait to get everything up and bumping. Thanks to everyone for their support and help along the way! Sending yall a happy, smiley me :)